CERAMICS at Jane Kahan Gallery

Edition Picasso ceramic vases


The JANE KAHAN GALLERY was one of the first galleries in America to specialize in the Picasso ceramic editions.  We are known internationally as a source for Edition Picasso ceramics, especially the most difficult to find pieces such large vases and the rarest and most sought-after plates and pitchers.   We also deal in rare unique Picasso ceramics.

Picasso first visited the Madoura pottery in Vallauris in the South of France in 1946. He returned every year thereafter, making over 4,000 vases, plates, pitchers and other forms, hundreds of which were turned into edition pieces. Edition Picasso ceramics were made in multiples from 25 to 500. Today even the smallest Picasso edition ceramics command a premium and rare pieces can cost over $100,000 due to demand by museums and important collectors.

The Jane Kahan Gallery maintains a large inventory of the top Picasso ceramics and, given our large database, are often able to locate specific ceramics for collectors and institutions.


Fernand Leger, “Composition au vase bleu,”
glazed ceramic relief

We also handle the rare Chagall and Leger unique ceramics, as well as Leger editions.

Marc Chagall also painted and sculpted on clay at the Madoura Pottery in Vallauris, France, in the 1950s. Because none of his work was made into editions, Chagall ceramics are extremely rare — limited to just a few hundred pieces throughout the world, most of which are in museums or belong to the Chagall family.

Fernand Leger was also active in ceramics; a handful of his designs were made into editions to support the creation of the Leger Museum in Biot, France.