Alexander Calder, “Galactic System,” Lithograph

Alexander Calder (1898 – 1976), the son and grandson of renown sculptors, began his career as a mechanical engineer. However, his was the soul of an artist and soon the world was delighted with an explosion of creativity rarely equaled.

Calder turned his talents not merely to artist’s traditional avenues of painting, printmaking and sculpture (though his hanging mobiles were sculpture unlike the world had ever seen), but also to the creation of miniature circuses, airplane decoration, jewelry-making, woodcarving and anything that would delight a child.

The Jane Kahan Gallery has been dealing in Calder since its inception. Alexander Kahan in fact was involved with the original publication of some of Calder’s lithographs. We still have a large selection of Calder prints and have helped clients buy and sell numerous Calder paintings throughout the years, as well as mobiles, stabiles and other sculpture.


Calder was one of the artists most involved with tapestry: there were over fifty Calder images translated into Aubusson tapestries.

The Jane Kahan Gallery possesses the largest selection of Calder tapestries available for sale anywhere in the world.  We have sold weavings of Calder tapestries that were included in the 1976 Alexander Calder Retrospective at the Whitney Museum in New York and are part of its permanent collection.  These Calder tapestries are pictured in “Calder’s Universe,” which was published by the Whitney and which is considered the “official book” about Calder. The famous Whitney exhibition also traveled to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, and the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.

Alexander Calder, “Green Ball”